Important Items to Keep in Your Car This Winter

Do you have a winter safety kit for your car? Here are items that can prevent, or help you deal with, an emergency on the road this winter.

Are you prepared for winter weather this year? Most people think of winterizing their home (wrapping outside faucets, fixing leaky windowsills and the like) but how often do you prepare for winter weather in your car?

Here are Insurance Coverage of Texas recommendations for a winter safety kit for your car:

  • Ice scraper. We’ve probably all used a credit card to try to scrape off our icy windshield at one time or another. An ice scraper is a much more effective method, however, to remove snow and ice from your line of sight before you drive.
  • Windshield washer fluid with antifreeze. The antifreeze will ensure the fluid (and your windshield) don’t freeze and keep your view clear and safe.
  • Shovel. A small or collapsible shovel can help you clear a path to drive, should you find yourself stuck.
  • Warm clothing. ALWAYS ensure you have proper attire on when heading out during the winter, no matter how long your trip. That warm hat or pair of boots will make the process much more enjoyable should you find yourself in the elements after an accident. Hand warmers and an extra blanket are also handy items to keep in your car, should you ever need them.
  • Light. It can be harder to see what is wrong with your vehicle or be visible to other cars on the road should you find yourself broken down on the side of the road. A flashlight and emergency flares will do the trick.
  • Kitty litter. Yes, you read that right. Keep a bag of kitty litter in your trunk during the winter months. Believe it or not kitty litter will help your tires gain traction and get you back on the road.

No matter how much you prepare, accidents still happen. Ensure, in addition to keeping the items above handy, your auto coverage is sufficient to cover you in times of need. Contact us today for an insurance checkup

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